Worldwide Brands Review

If you are looking for real health products dropshipper, look no further. Especially if you are trying to sell supplements.

Worldwide Brands Review. Is It a Scam?

I came across WWB or better known as Worldwide Brands back in 2005. It was like a breath of fresh air because back in the day, drop shipping directories were a dime a dozen. There was just so much scam going on in the industry that it really brought a bad name on the entire drop shipping industry. However, Worldwide Brands (Also known as Onesource at one point)stuck to their guns thanks to Chris Malta’s (Founder of World Wide Brands Inc) leadership and here we are today almost 10 years later.

Best part, you won’t just find products at a discount here but at the real wholesale cost. As someone who use to run a drop shipper directory and was a competition for Worldwide Brands, I can assure you that it’s not easy finding a drop shipper. It’s not that it requires some special technical knowledge or a master’s degree in business, but the grunt work that goes in finding every single drop shipper is extensive and truly time consuming. Let me break down the process and give you some real info . . .

It’s All About Proper Research

It all starts with proper and deep research. If you want to find a drop shipper, you need to know how to find them. When I started, I was just using Google. If you’ve used Google or any other search engine, you know how much time goes in finding a company that drop ships. Plus you really have to know how to search as well. Since I’ve been a SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) for almost a decade now, I found them but man was it hard to find these guys.

The reason is most companies are not experts at marketing online, so even if they have a website, they don’t know how to optimize it and what not. Bottom line, it’s hard and downright impossible. However, with the recent popularity of dropshipping and social media, it is much better than when I got started. That is for sure. So unlike other companies, Worldwide Brands goes straight to the source to find drop shippers. While I was just searching for drop shippers on Google, The WWB team goes to hundreds of actual trade shows and meets product manufacturers face to face.

Worldwide Brands Team Goes To Trade Shows

This is where their team tells the company about the online opportunity of offering drop shipping to people just like you. Bottom line, WWB goes straight to the front lines to make sure you get fresh new companies with fresh new products that you can drop ship. Even if they have to drive to a trade show in Vancouver. Now that’s how you find real wholesale drop shippers.

Are They For Real

Next step is to verify if the company that claims to drop ship is actually real. As someone who has started many eCommerce websites (I was the lead SEO for a 90 million a year company that did nothing but drop shipping), I can assure you that a lot of companies (Especially a new one) jump on the drop shipping band wagon thinking that tons of sellers will rush to drop ship their products. If they don’t find any, their drop ship program just disappears. Most times within just weeks of launching! It was really heart breaking for me because if I did find a drop shipper, they would just disappear.

Then I would have to go through the annoying research process and find another one. Most times I wouldn’t. This is where Worldwide Brands is a real winner and why they are so worth it. They don’t just find real dropshippers who have a legit history of selling and being in business, they also make sure that nothing in their very own database is outdated.

Chris Malta and his team really went out of his way to build a phenomenal product that thousands of online sellers are currently using. On top of that, the companies that WWB let’s in their database has to pass a certain criteria. Not every new company or new product makes the cut so to speak. They are big on quality and that’s what has kept them in business and made them a true industry leader.

Learn The Entire Business

My personal favorite part is the free information and knowledge that Chris and his team has been giving out consistently. The eBooks they’ve released have been downloaded well over 300,000 times and rightfully so. At one point Chris was even hosting his own radio show about running an online business through Entrepreneur magazine or something. So when you start working with Worldwide Brands, you will not only find real drop shippers and certified wholesalers but tons of proven information that you can apply to create your own successful online business.

Wholesale Scam Protection

One thing about dealing with a drop shipper is you never know if the product is going to be available for drop shipping. It’s just part of the game. However, if your customer receives it later than they thought they would, and if you were selling on a public forum, I can almost guarantee that you will get a negative feedback (Especially if you are selling on eBay or Amazon). Well Worldwide Brands has a solution to that horrible dilemma as well. They actually guarantee that the drop shippers that they have in their database will deliver their products on time.

It’s called the “Wholesale Scam Protection”. This means that you work with QUALITY companies who consider your timely shipment their bread and butter. If a company doesn’t consider you a ‘partner’, they just don’t make the cut. I love that about these guys and how much importance they put on quality.

You Are In Good Hands

In a world where drop shipper directories are a dime a dozen and the chance of losing your hard earned money is even more, Worldwide Brands are truly in a league of their own. They are certified by eBay, the BBB (Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating) have been feature in Entrepreneur magazine, Practical Ecommerce and even the National Geographic channel.

At The End Of The Day . . .

Comparing WDclub or any other directory to Worlwide Brands is just a joke. WWB are like the NASA of finding dropshippers. Nothing comes close. I could have said the “Bentley” but their are NO Mercedes, Porsche or even a freaking Ford Tempo (My first car lol) in this market. You get what I’m saying? These guys are the best, there is no “in the middle” or other review complaints legitimate service that you can use that is even half as good. There are either scams and rip off sites out there or these guys and that’s it.

If you are smart, you would at least give Worldwide Brands a try. Especially if you’ve already tried to find drop shippers on your own. Trust me on this, if you want quality, you have to take action on it. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and get stuff done. I’m very proud to tell you guys about Worldwide Brands and I hope you get a chance to try them out. As a smart person once said, there is no shame in losing to the best and these guys are exactly that. So stop wasting time, have some kahunas and let’s change that life of yours :) Rejoice, you are now rolling with the good guys :)

Frequently Asked Questions

So Does Worldwide Brands Dropship Their Own Products?

Please note that Worldwide Brands are not suppliers or any kind. The Worldwide Brands team goes to trade shows and product manufacturers and gets them to offer you the opportunity of dropshipping. Think of Worldwide Brands as a giant directory of the latest, and always up to date companies who will help you dropship their product at real wholesale prices.

They have been doing this for 8+ years, are certified by eBay, have been featured in tons of business magazines and other services and basically, are the only service around that can help you find genuine dropshippers. You definitely don’t have to worry about middleman with this guys. They take care of all the boring leg work.

Do They Offer A Guarantee Of Some Sorts?

If you pay the one time fee, you get 60 days to try it out. If you go on the three month payment plan, you get 30 days to try it out.

Is There A Free Trial or Something?

You can check out the free preview here.

How Can I Use Worldwide Brands?

First sign up. Use the product sourcing tool to find the products you want to sell. Once you find what you were looking for, contact the supplier and go from there. Check out this free preview

Does becoming a member of Worldwide Brands automatically qualify me to work with all the certified and thousands of wholesale dropshippers that they have?

Yes. However, you do have to contact each supplier and establish a relationship with them yourself. There is a button under each supplier page that says ‘Contact Supplier’. Use this as it will notify the supplier that you are a Worldwide Brands member.

So After I Find A Supplier, What’s Next?

After you find a dropshipper, simply contact them. Worldwide Brands provides the following information on each of the thousands of suppliers in their directory:

Name of Company
Person To Contact

Don’t hesitate about contacting them. They expect Worldwide Brands members to contact them. They are waiting for you to drop ship their products.

Can I just drop ship one product, just to test the market?

Ofcourse. This is the main difference between dropshiping and buying something at wholesale. The dropshippers you will find at Worldwide Brands are more than happy to help you drop ship just one product. WWB pre-qualified companies them before adding to their directory.

Do I have to pay for the product before I sell it?

Absolutely not. This is the advantage of getting into dropshipping. All you have to do is simply make the sale. After you make your sale, you collect the payment from the buyer and send it to your dropshipper. The difference is your profit.

Do I have to pay some kind of membership fee or something to each dropshipper?

No. Worldwide Brands doesn’t let just any company in their database. They have their own strict standards. One of them is ‘Thou shall not charge our people any monthly fees’. Sorry to sound biblical but WWB really is on a whole another level. In fact, they reject companies daily that don’t fit their strict code of conduct.

What about drop ship fees? Are the dropshippers that are listed in Worldwide Brands charge that as well?

Some do and some don’t. Most range from $0.50 cents to $4.00 per product and sometimes even more. It all depends on what you will be selling. If it’s jewelry or something fragile for example, the wholesaler or manufacturer has to go out of their way to protect the product that you would be selling. However, since you will be getting the absolute real wholesale cost of a product (No middle man drama), you can easily adjust this price in your overall retail price.

So what kind of profits am I look at?

It all depends on what you are selling. However, since you will be dealing with real product manufacturers and getting the lowest wholesale price possible, you will be able to achieve the highest profits possible as well.

So how exactly does Worldwide Brands find drop shippers?

WWB goes straight to the source. Year long, they scour trade shows, visit wholesalers and product manufacturer’s and get them to come on board. Check out this video series to see how exactly Worldwide Brands does it.

What is this so called “Middle Man” that I keep hearing about?

Basically, a lot of the companies that claim to offer drop shipping online are ‘middle men’. They will jack up their prices or charge over the top fees and then offer you a dropship program. They are neither the product manufacturers or wholesalers. In fact, after you sell something for them, they will take your payment and go to the original product supplier and in almost all cases, make even more money than you. Rest assured, you will never find these guys at Worldwide Brands.

Where can I get the images and product information?

The wholesale suppliers that dropship, will provide you with all the images & product descriptions that you will need to sell the product. That usually happens once you have setup an account with the wholesale supplier. Remember, big quality pictures increase sales so always request for quality pictures.

Can Worldwide Brands just give me a data feed or some kind of CSV file so I can upload all the millions of products that they have?

No. Reason being is WWB is a directory of Dropshippers and Wholesalers. To get a CSV or a Data feed, you have to ask the company itself. Most of them have those anyways.

How is Worldwide Brands vs Doba?

Doba is not a directory or list like Worldwide Brands. Doba is more like a giant middleman company. I didn’t make a profit with them and soon cancelled my membership.

How About Salehoo?

These guys are basically a low quality version of Worldwide Brands. They do offer a cheaper product but have serious complaints against them that need to be resolved.

I’m from the UK, can I still use them?

Anyone can join Worldwide Brands. Please note, most dropshippers though are from the US and Canada with a few international dropshipping companies.

Is This A Good Way To Sell On eBay?

A lot of sellers use eBay for full time dropshipping or supplement their current income with dropshipping. Majority of these sellers use Worldwide Brands regularly. WWB is also an ‘eBay Certified’ company. There are only a handful of companies with that distinction.

How do I know the product will still be in stock by the time I sell it?

Just keep in touch with your wholesale dropshipper. A lot of these companies now offer inventory updates in real time. Sometimes you can just log in and check the inventory on the wholesaler’s website.

Is Dropshipping more expensive than wholesaling?

Yes. Buying in bulk is still the best way to get the lowest price possible. The reason is simple. When you drop ship, you will eventually just pay for one product. When you buy in bulk, you pay for a lot more. That’s how the big companies like Walmart, Target, The Bay, etc that’s how they do it.

Why can’t all suppliers offer a dropship program?

Wholesalers are already busy. Bottom line, companies want to sell products, not increase their overhead. Dropshipping is still a very new concept for most businesses. Good side is there are lots of opportunities till. Flip side of this coin is there is still a lot of work that needs to be done as far as e-commerce goes. It’s getting there though especially with companies like AliBaba, Amazon and eBay making tremendous sales year after year..

I heard I need a Tax ID, is that true?

Absolutely. If you want to work with real suppliers who offer real wholesale prices, you must get a Tax ID. Surprisingly, it’s quite simple: Click Here

If I’m not in the US, do I still need a Tax Id?

Typically, you won’t. Anyone can become a Worldwide Brands member. Over 61% of the wholesale suppliers in this directory work with people outside of the US. So you have well over 7900 suppliers at your disposal. However, if you don’t have a Tax ID, it’s best to have some sort of business license. Or these companies won’t work with you. Like I said, Worldwide Brands only contains real legit suppliers and dropshippers. These companies only work with real serious sellers as well.

I’m just going to sell on eBay, do still need a Tax ID?

Yes. Legit dropshippers and wholesale suppliers will want you to have a tax id or business license (If outside of the US). So this way, these companies don’t have to charge you tax. Plus it shows them that you are a real serious player.

I want to use my website name as my business name?

Go for it. Just make sure it’s registered as a business first as well.

Is EIN (Which I have) same as a Tax ID. Isn’t one of them enough?

An EIN is for processing taxes for your employees. Although a lot of the wholesale suppliers will accept it, you are way better off with a proper Tax Id. As it will allow you to charge tax to any potential customer in your state. You don’t want to mess with Uncle Sam.

Okay, how do I get a Tax ID?

You can get a Tax ID here.

What will be the return address on the product that my customer will receive?

It will either be your specified address or the wholesale dropshipper will ‘blind’ drop ship it for you. Which means there won’t be a return address at all. It’s best to discuss this with your supplier as each is different. Rest assured, Worldwide Brands only includes suppliers who understand this concept.

What if my wholesale supplier tries to steal my customer information and decides to cut me out of the deal?

Your wholesale supplier or any for that matter doesn’t ship to consumers directly. They ship to retailers who buy from them in bulk. You can also create a contract with most suppliers and this way you can not worry about things and go back to selling.

What if my customer decides to return a product?

This totally varies. It all depends on how you and your wholesaler work things out. Sometimes the seller (You) can put your own return address or the wholesale supplier uses theirs. There are Lots of ways of handling this. You can even rent a little warehouse and start storing things there. Like I said, LOTS of ways of handling returns.

What is Blind Dropshipping?

Have you ever got a product that has a return address which starts with “Fulfillment center” or “Shipping Warehouse”? That’s what ‘blind’ drop shipping is. This way your consumer doesn’t know where the product came from.

How Much Do I Have To Pay Annually?

Nothing. You simply pay a one-time fee and get LIFETIME access. You can either pay the whole amount upfront or or pay in 3 monthly payments. Clickhere to learn more.

I’m using more than one dropshipper, how should I set my shipping?

Here I suggest you use a UPS calculator on your website for each product. This way you can figure out exactly what to charge. Another thing is charge a flat rate shipping on more than one products. You might lose a little on shipping but will definitely gain it back in other ways. In some cases, you might make a little bit more profit on combined shipping as well.

Why should I use a dropshipper for my business?

No initial investment. Test the market. No overhead No need to store product (Save money on storing fees). Great way to get started online.

Can I use several Dropshippers?

Absolutely. I think it’s better to stick with one product and go from there. I stuck with a wine making kit and it made me eBay Powerseller.

I could not find a Dropshipper listed for the product I am interested in selling. What should I do?

Just contact Worldwide Brands here. There staff is pretty good at that. If they can’t find something, they will let you know as well. Click HERE to contact them.

How Do I Know The Dropshippers Listed at Worldwide Brands are any good?

Worldwide Brands has a process of verifying a authentic wholeale health supplier. A process that has stood the test of time (8+ years) and has established WWB as the true leaders in the product sourcing industry. You won’t find some fly by night vitamin dropshippers or something with these guys. Plus they maintain their database to make sure everything stays up to date. Once a company fails their standards, they are kicked out for good.

Are the dropshippers listed here sell cheap dollar store products?

Products listed at Worldwide Brands range from all across the board. Rest assured, you will definitely find what you are looking for as thousands of other sellers do every month.

Can they give me a list of the top 10 hot selling products?

No. There is no such thing. What you need to focus on is hot markets. Worldwide Brands provides excellent educational and business tools to ensure you get off on the right foot.

Where are these dropshippers from?

Mostly the US and Canada. However, the international dropshippers listed here will work with anyone. That’s the advantage of dropshipping.

Worldwide Brands Reviews

You see worldwide Brands is in a class of it’s own. Nothing even compares. If you are serious about finding the absolute best drop shippers, wholesalers and bottom line, products to sell get started today.

Click here to read more testimonials.

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